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No Deposit Bonus Forex – Best Forex Trading South Africa in 2020

No Deposit Bonus ForexWhat is no deposit bonus Forex? It is the kind of bonus that does not require you to first make a deposit. Not many brokers offer this, but you can find it on some brokers. If you do not have money on you but you want to venture into Forex trading, then you can try out the no deposit bonus and it will make things a lot easier for you, thereby enabling you to trade Forex without spending money. It is a risk-free way to enjoy what Forex trading has to offer. As its name implies, you will not deposi8t a dime before you can start trading Forex.

Best No Deposit Bonus Forex Sites

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EasyMarkets South Africa
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XM South Africa
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FXTM South Africa
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Avatrade South Africa
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Forex brokers with a no deposit bonus

The big investment firms earn millions from the smallest currency fluctuations. Forex trading also offers extremely high profit opportunities for the “private investor”. Speculating on the currency pairs on the Forex market has already helped one or the opposite user to permanently high income. But how does one start the financial business with as little risk as possible in South Africa? Are there really no deposit forex brokers? To anticipate the answer – yes. We’ve compiled the most effective trading platforms with a no deposit bonus below.

A few years ago it would have been unthinkable to enter Forex trading with small sums. Customers who wanted to participate within the speculative business on the 4x trading market had to invest a minimum of a four-digit amount in order to profit from the business. In the meantime, however, things has fundamentally changed. Most brokers drove the order regulations down tremendously. Even with the smallest sums of R10 to R50, lucrative deals can be made.

Furthermore, the number of providers on the market has increased. The broker platforms are now in real competition – for the advantage of customers. Some online companies have therefore decided to draw in new customers with a no-deposit bonus.

Risk-free trading

Risk-free trading

If you want to enjoy what this type of bonus has to offer, then you should be on the lookout for opportunities. You can get information about brokers that make such an offer from the internet. You can also find out if your broker also makes such an offer. The absence of a bonus will not augur well for the Forex market. This is because the bonuses are the features attracting many people to trade Forex. Many Forex brokers use the bonus as a marketing strategy to attract more traders. It also works very well for this purpose. This is because many traders see the availability of the bonus as a way to test the water before you go in fully.

What to know about bonuses

Many people think that a bonus is a new thing in Forex trading. This is not so at all. Bonus had been around in Forex trading for a very long time now. They act as a magnet to increase the interest of many traders in Forex trading. Forex bonuses come in different forms. South African brokers offers bigger bonuses than forex trading bonus brokers in Canada. The bonus can come in the form of cash or even a coupon. Everyone loves to use bonuses to trade Forex. This is because many see it as a gift.

Get a bonus without a deposit

forex bonus without deposit

There are different types of bonuses in Forex trading. The most common among them is the welcome bonuses a broker can demand that you first deposit before you get a bonus. In such a situation, the bonus you will receive will be a particular percentage of the amount you deposited. In some other instances, the broker can give you a welcome bonus that will not require an initial deposit. This means that the welcome bonus will reflect in your account immediately after you register. What is more, you will not need to deposit any more before you can start using the No deposit bonus Forex.

Certain things to note

This type of bonus does not require any kind of obligation from the trader at all. Bear in mind also that only a beginner can receive the no deposit bonus. Do not forget that it comes as a welcome bonus to the broker. Additionally, the broker only gives this type of bonus once. The purpose of the bonus is to allow new comers to experience what Forex trading is all about. They will be able to trade Forex at no cost. The cost will be on account of the broker. If you want to experience how live trading works at no cost, then you will find the bonus to be the best place to start. You can use the bonus to also control your emotion. This will help you to become a profitable Forex trader.

Conditions of the bonus

No deposit bonus Forex helps you to start trading Forex without risking your own money. Be that as it may, you need to understand that this type of bonus has some conditions. As a trader, you need to know all these conditions. You need to know the conditions before you accept the bonus. It is important to read the terms and conditions before you even register with that Forex broker. Every new member will have access to the no deposit bonus. Be that as it may, the broker will not force you to accept the bonus. You can decide to accept it or not. If the conditions associated with that bonus are not acceptable to you, then you can decide not to accept it. But make sure you know the conditions before you accept the bonus. If the conditions are not acceptable, then you should steer clear of that bonus.

Forex bonuses

You will not be able to withdraw the No deposit bonus Forex in cash from the broker. Be that as it may, the trader can withdraw the profit he makes on the bonus. Some other brokers request that the trader first attain a particular volume to trading before he can withdraw the profit. The condition differs from one broker to another. The main purpose of the no deposit bonus is to encourage a new trader to start trading Forex. Make sure you also read reviews about that broker before you accept a bonus from the broker. This is because some beakers may not hold up their ends of the deal.

No Deposit Bonus Forex: FAQs

What is the purpose of a no deposit bonus?

From our point of view, forex without a deposit doesn’t necessarily and ostensibly mean a fast profit hunt. Of course, it’s pleasant when your own account balance increases steadily, but as a new “financial trader” you should not indulge in illusions. In fact, it’s impossible to turn 50 euros into a six-figure amount within a couple of weeks.

The no deposit bonus should primarily be used for testing purposes. Get to understand the broker platform and trading markets. Track the price gains or losses and work with the “free” money on a personal forex strategy.

When can the payment be made?

It should be noted with the bonuses without deposit that the amounts might not be paid out immediately. The traders require a particular number of trades before a withdrawal can be requested. As a rule, a point system is used for this. only when the customer has earned the so-called trading points can he dispose of the bonus and also the winnings. some of the welcome bonuses are promo cash, which are generally not withdrawable. in this case, only the profits made could be used.

Furthermore, no reputable Forex trader will make a transfer to an unverified customer. A legitimation check is mostly available beforehand. The users should confirm their identity with a photo South African ID and a recent proof of address.

This is how the welcome gift is redeemed?

Redeeming the forex no deposit bonus is practically not difficult. The procedure is roughly a similar for all dealers. in the following we’ve put together the foremost important details in a smaller “step by step” guide:

  • Step 1 : Open a real money account with the forex broker of your choice. Fill out the registration form truthfully.
  • Step 2 : Verify your email address and mobile number.
  • Step 3 : Some dealers do the entire legitimation check at this point, i.e. you’ve got to submit your RSA ID and address confirmation.
  • Step 4 : The bonus will be credited to you.

In addition to the no-deposit bonuses, you’ll be able to activate a classic deposit bonus with numerous brokers.

The best forex no deposit brokers presented

Below we would like to briefly introduce the five best forex brokers without a deposit. All of FX brokers mentioned are safe and reputable online providers.

XM: The forex broker works with financial approvals from South Africa, Great Britain and France as well as a main license from Cyprus. Additionally, to the free 25 euros, new customers at XM can expect a bonus package of up to $ 5,000. Which is equals to R 82675,25 at the time of writing (October 2020).

Plus500 : Plus500 is currently one among the best-known CFD brokers on the market. The provider is licensed in Cyprus, but also features a permit in the UK. Traders can use a Plus500 account to trade CFDs on the underlying financial instruments such as forex, stocks, commodities, options and indices. Plus500 is the official premium partner of Atletico Madrid.

IronFX : The financial trader isn’t least known to football fans as a partner of FC Barcelona. Of course, IronFX also has all the required approvals and licenses. The € 25 starting credit is obtainable immediately after customer verification.

Conclusion: No deposit bonus beats the demo account

Almost all forex brokers offer customers a demo account. The trades are often carried out with a virtual credit. In practice, however, it’s been found that the “training runs” usually go alright , while successes with real money are not achieved afterwards. in the demo version, the trading orders are usually unconsciously placed a bit more loosely without a certain analysis. From our point of view, a forex broker no deposit bonus is more recommendable. The test or exercise purpose is fulfilled in the same way, but it’s already about “real” capital.